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Antonio R. Vargas

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Research Interests

I'm primarily interested in studying the zeros of polynomials of a single complex variable (locating them, counting them, examining asymptotic distributions in families, etc.). Right now I'm learning a little about the Riemann-Hilbert method of asymptotic analysis and how it relates to these types of problems.


Fixed points of diffeomorphisms on nilmanifolds with a free nilpotent fundamental group
Karel Dekimpe, Sam Tertooy, and Antonio R. Vargas
In preparation.

The Saff-Varga Width Conjecture and entire functions with simple exponential growth
Antonio R. Vargas
Submitted, in review.

Limit curves for zeros of sections of exponential integrals
Antonio R. Vargas
Constructive Approximation, 40 (2014), No. 2, pp. 219-239.
[SpringerLink, arXiv]

Zeros and convergent subsequences of Stern polynomials
Antonio R. Vargas
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 398 (2013), No. 2, pp. 630–637.
[ScienceDirect, arXiv]

Interlacing and non-orthogonality of spectral polynomials for the Lamé operator
Alain Bourget, Tyler McMillen, and Antonio R. Vargas
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 137 (2009), No. 5, pp. 1699–1710.
[AMS, arXiv]

PhD. Thesis

Scaling Limits for Partial Sums of Power Series

MSc. Thesis

Zeros of Sections of Some Power Series

Rejected Papers

Newman-Rivlin asymptotics for partial sums of power series
A. R. Vargas

Helpful Userscripts

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Misc. Notes

23 Feb, 2014 On calculating a "Mathematically Correct Breakfast", a post about the surface area exposed after cutting a bagel into two interlocking rings
18 Feb, 2013 An animation of the zeros of sections of exponential integrals, an interesting plot that relates to my master's thesis
25 July, 2011 Asymptotic bound for a particular sum, answering a question of Qiaochu Yuan


Originally from Laguna Niguel, California, I received my BA in mathematics from California State University, Fullerton after changing majors from computer science. At Fullerton I studied under the guidance of Alain Bourget and Tyler McMillen. I then lived in Toronto, Ontario for a short while before heading to Halifax, Nova Scotia to study at Dalhousie University under the supervision of Karl Dilcher. After completing my PhD I moved to Belgium to take a position as a postdoc at KU Leuven.

My favorite mathematical web pages

Roots, Schottky semigroups, and Bandt’s Conjecture
Danny Calegari

The Beauty of Roots
John Baez

Some papers I have enjoyed reading

A sum over the zeros of partial sums of exp(x)
C. Yalçin Yildirim
Ramanujan Mathematical Society, 6 (1991), No. 1-2, pp. 51-66.

On the number of distinct zeros of polynomials
M. S. Klamkin and D. J. Newman
The American Mathematical Monthly, 66 (1959), No. 6, pp. 494-496.

Finite Calculus: A Tutorial for Solving Nasty Sums
David Gleich

My favorite math books

de Bruijn, Asymptotic Methods in Analysis

Marden, Geometry of Polynomials

Halmos, Naive Set Theory