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  • All proceeds go, in equal parts, to the Canadian Mathematical Society and to Dalhousie University.

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  • Conditions of the books:

    Due to the amount of work involved, normally there is no description of a book's condition, with the following exception:
  • "New": Book has never been used; condition is pristine.
  • "VG": "Very good"; pristine and as new, but shows minor signs of its age.
  • "Ex-lib": Library discards, with call numbers on the spine or cover, and stamps and stickers on the inside. Conditions vary. Poor condition will be indicated.
  • "Poor": Spine is loose, book is falling apart, or other major flaws.
  • Upon request, a more detailed description of a book's condition can be provided.

    Provenance of the books: Donations from colleagues, retirees, alumni, and students; review copies; library discards.

    For questions or orders, please write to

    Karl Dilcher
    Department of Mathematics & Statistics
    Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

    More books are regularly added. Those added after August 1, 2021, are marked, e.g., by (12/21).

    List is up-to-date as of November 27, 2023.


    - Abstract Algebra (textbooks)
    - Linear Algebra
    - Category Theory
    - Group Theory
    - Ring Theory
    - Other Algebra
    - Calculus (older textbooks)
    - Complex Analysis (textbooks and others)
    - Functional Analysis and Operator Theory
    - Harmonic Analysis
    - Real Analysis (textbooks)
    - Other Analysis
    Applied Mathematics
    - Dynamical Systems
    - Engineering Mathematics
    - Information Theory
    - Other Applied Mathematics
    Differential Equations
    - Differential Equations, (elementary textbooks)
    - Partial Differential Equations
    - Other Topics in DEs
    Discrete Mathematics
    - Coding Theory & Cryptography
    - Combinatorics
    - Discrete Mathematics (textbooks)
    - Graph Theory
    - Other Discrete Mathematics
    - Differential Geometry
    - Elementary Geometry (textbooks)
    - Other Geometry
    History, Biography, Foundations, etc.
    - Biographies
    - History of Mathematics
    - General and Popular Mathematics
    - Logic, Set Theory and Foundations
    Mathematical Physics
    - Quantum Mechanics
    - Relativity and Differential Geometry
    - Geophysics
    - Other Physics
    Number Theory
    - Elementary Number Theory (textbooks)
    - Other Number Theory
    Numerical Methods, Optimization, and Computer Algebra
    - Approximation Theory
    - Computer Algebra
    - Numerical Methods
    - Optimization
    Probability Theory
    - Introductory Probability
    - Other Probability
    - Applications to Science and Engineering
    - Biological and Medical Statistics
    - Computational Statistics
    - Design of Experiments
    - Introductory Statistics
    - Multivariate Analysis
    - Regression Analysis
    - Sampling Theory
    - Statistical Inference
    - Statistical Software
    - Time Series
    - Proceedings and Collections of Papers
    - Other Statistics
    Special Functions
    - Special Functions
    - Tables of Special Functions
    - Algebraic Topology
    - Homotopy Theory
    - Topology (textbooks)
    - Other Topology
    Various Other Topics
    - Computer Science
    - Mathematical Education
    - Problem Solving
    - Puzzles and Games
    - Writing and Editing
    - Business and Economics
    - General Science
    - Science Fiction and Futurology
    - Other Topics
    Various Other Publications
    - Collected Papers
    - Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
    - General Textbooks
    - General Proceedings
    - Journals
    - Lecture Notes
    - Schaum's Outlines
    - Bibliographies and Review Volumes
    - Tables
    - Dissertations


    Abstract Algebra (textbooks)

    A.A. Albert
    Modern Higher Algebra
    University of Chicago Press, 1937 (6th impression, 1948). [Ex-lib] (09/22)
    G. Birkhoff and S. Mac Lane
    A Survey of Modern Algebra
    MacMillan, New York, 1953.  
    Claude Chevalley
    Fundamental Concepts of Algebra
    Academic Press, 1956.  
    N. Davidson and F. Gulick
    Abstract Algebra. An Active Learning Approach
    Houghton Mifflin, 1976 
    R.A. Dean
    Elements of Abstract Algebra
    Wiley, New York, 1966.  
    N. Jacobson
    Lectures in Abstract Algebra. Vol. 1 -- Basic Concepts
    Van Nostrand, 1951. 
    J.D. Lipson
    Elements of Algebra and Algebraic Computing
    Addison-Wesley, 1981.  
    N. McCoy
    Introduction to Modern Algebra, revised ed.
    Allyn and Bacon, 1968.
    E.A. Walker
    Introduction to Abstract Algebra
    Random House, 1987.  
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    - Linear Algebra

    Many more uncatalogued elementary linear algebra textbooks are available; details upon request. Any textbooks listed here are older, or are by well-known authors.
    H. Bohr, J. Mollerup
    Laerebog i Matematisk Analyse. I. Lineaer Algebra
    Gjellerups, Kobenhavn, 1938.
    P.M. Cohn
    Linear Equations
    Routledge and Kegan Paul, London, 1958 (reprinted 1976). Small paperback.* 
    C.G. Cullen
    Matrices and Linear Transformations, 2nd Ed.
    Addison-Wesley, 1972. (09/22)
    D.T. Finkbeiner II
    Introduction to Matrices and Linear Transformations,
    W.H. Freeman, 1960. (09/22)
    D.T. Finkbeiner II
    Introduction to Matrices and Linear Transformations, 2nd Ed.
    W.H. Freeman, 1966. (11/21)
    M. Marcus and H. Minc
    Introduction to Linear Algebra
    Dover Publication, 1988. (Reprint of 1969 edition). Paperback. (10/22) 
    E.D. Nering
    Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory, 2nd Ed.
    Wiley, 1970. (11/23)
    K. Nomitsu
    Fundamentals of Linear Algebra
    McGraw-Hill, 1966. (11/23)
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    - Category Theory

    S. Mac Lane
    Kategorien. Begriffssprache und mathematische Theorie [German]
    Springer, Berlin, 1972. Paperback.
    M. Makkai and R. Paré
    Accessible Categories: The Foundations of Categorical Model Theory
    AMS (Contemporary Math. 104), 1989. Paperback. (01/23)
    B. Mitchell
    Theory of Categories
    Academic Press, 1965. (11/23)
    G. Preuss
    Grundbegriffe der Kategorientheorie [German]
    Bibliographisches Institut, 1975. Paperback*. (01/23)
    H. Schubert
    Kategorien I [German]
    Springer, Berlin, 1970. Paperback.
    H. Schubert
    Kategorien II [German]
    Springer, Berlin, 1970. Paperback.
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    - Group Theory

    G. Baumslag (Ed.)
    Reviews on Infinite Groups, 1940-1970, 2 Vols.
    Amer. Math. Soc., 1974. Paperback. [VG]
    J.F. Berglund, H.D. Junghenn, and P. Milnes
    Compact Right Topological Semigroups and Generalizations of Almost Periodicity
    Springer, LNM 663, 1978. Paperback. (11/21)
    P.B. Bhattacharya and S.K. Jain
    First Course in Group Theory
    Wiley Eastern, 1972. Thin paperback.* (09/23)
    A. Borel and G.D. Mostow (Eds.)
    Algebraic Groups and Discontinuous Subgroups
    Amer. Math. Soc., 1966. [Ex-lib] (11/21)
    G. Bouligand
    Premières lecons sur la théorie géneérale des groupes
    Librairie Vuibert, Paris, 1935. [Poor]*
    R.P. Burn
    Groups. A Path to Geometry
    Cambridge U.P., 1985. (02/23)
    M. Burrow
    Representation Theory of Finite Groups
    Academic Press, 1965. [Ex-lib] (09/22)
    D. Gorenstein (Ed.)
    Reviews on Finite Groups, 1940-1970
    Amer. Math. Soc., 1974. Paperback. [VG]
    I. Grossman and W. Magnus
    Groups and Their Graphs
    Random House, 1964. Paperback.
    S. Lang
    Rapport sur la Cohomologie des Groupes
    Benjamin, 1966.
    R.L. Lipsman
    Group Representations
    Springer, LNM 388, 1974. Paperback. (11/21)
    J.S. Lomont
    Applications of Finite Groups
    Academic Press, 1959. [Ex-lib] (09/22)
    B. Srinivasan
    Representations of Finite Chevalley Groups
    LNM 764, Springer, 1979. Paperback.
    O. Tamaschke
    Permutationsstrukturen [German]
    Bibliographisches Institut, 1969. Paperback. (01/23)
    R.J. Zimmer
    Group Actions in Ergodic Theory, Geometry, and Topology. Selected Papers
    Chicago U.P., 2020. [New] (09/23)
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    - Ring Theory

    D. Handelman and J. Lawrence (Eds.)
    Ring Theory Waterloo 1978. Proceedings
    LNM 734, Springer, 1979. Paperback.
    R. Hazrat
    Graded Rings and Graded Grothendieck Groups
    LMS Lect. Notes 435. Cambridge U.P., 2016. Paperback. [New]
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    - Other Algebra

    M. André 
    Méthode Simpliciale en Algèbre Homologique et Algèbre Commutative
    LNM 32, Springer, 1967. Paperback.
    M. Carvallo
    Monographie des treillis et algèbre de Boole
    Gauthier-Villars, Paris, 1966. [Ex-lib]
    G. Casanova
    L'Algèbre de Boole, 3rd ed.
    Presses Universitaires de France, 1972. Small paperback.* (09/23)
    J. Majadas and A.G. Rodicio
    Smoothness, Regularity and Complete Intersection
    LMS Lecture Notes 373, Cambridge U.P., 2010. Paperback. [New]
    A.S. Parchomenko
    Was ist eine Kurve? [German]
    Deutscher Verlag der Wissenschaften, 1957. Small paperback*. (01/23)
    I. Stewart
    Galois Theory
    Chapman & Hall, 1973 (reprinted 1982). Paperback. (09/23)
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    - Calculus (older textbooks)

    Many more uncatalogued calculus textbooks are available; details upon request. Listed here are only older textbooks, or those by well-known authors.
    T.M. Apostol et al.
    Selected Papers on Calculus
    Math. Assoc. of America, 1969. 
    C. Clark
    The Theoretical Side of Calculus
    Wadsworth, 1972.
    P. Franklin
    A Treatise on Advanced Calculus
    Dover, 1964 (reprint of 1940 edition). Paperback. (03/23)
    O. Haupt and G. Aumann
    Differential- und Integralrechnung. III. Band: Integralrechnung [German]
    Walter de Gruyter, Berlin, 1938.
    I.N. Herstein
    Noncommutative Rings
    MAA, 1968. (10/22)
    S. Lang
    A First Course in Calculus, 2nd Ed.
    Addison-Wesley, 1969. 
    S. Lang
    A First Course in Calculus, 3rd Ed.
    Addison-Wesley, 1973. [Pages somewhat warped]* 
    E.A. Maxwell
    An Analytical Calculus for School and University, Vol. 2
    Cambridge U.P., 1954. (Reprinted 1958). [Ex-lib] 
    J.M.H. Olmsted
    Advanced Calculus
    Appleton-Century-Crofts, New York, 1961. [Ex-lib]  
    G.B. Thomas, Jr.
    Calculus and Analytic Geometry, 3rd Ed.
    Addison-Wesley, 1960.  
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    - Complex Analysis (textbooks and others)

    S.D. Fisher
    Function Theory on Planar Domains. A Second Course in Complex Analysis
    Dover, 2007. (Reprint of 1983 edition). Paperback. [VG] (10/22)
    E. Hille
    Analytic Function Theory, Vol. 1
    Ginn and Company, 1959. 
    E. Hille
    Analytic Function Theory, Vol. 1
    Ginn and Company, 1959. [Spine partly detached]*
    A. Hurwitz and R. Courant
    Vorlesungen über allgemeine Funktionentheorie und elliptische Funktionen, 3rd Ed. [German]
    Springer, 1929.
    K. Knopp
    Elemente der Funktionentheorie
    Sammlung Göschen, Walter de Gruyter, 1959. Small paperback.*
    K. Knopp
    Elements of the Theory of Functions
    Dover, 1952. Small paperback.* (11/23)
    K. Knopp
    Theory of Function, Part I: Elements of the General Theory of Analytic Functions
    Dover Publications, 1945. Small paperback.* (08/17)
    K. Knopp
    Theory of Function, Part II: Applications and Further Development of the Theory
    Dover Publications, 1947. [Caution: Mold]. Small hardover. FREE. (11/23)  
    K. Knopp
    Problem Book in the Theory of Functions, Vol. I
    Dover Publications, 1948. Small paperback.* (11/23)
    W. Lederman
    Complex Numbers
    Routledge and Kegan Paul, London, 1960. Small paperback.* 
    R. Nevanlinna
    Eindeutige analytische Funktionen [German]
    Springer, 1936.
    L.L. Pennisi
    Elements of Complex Variables
    Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1963.
    E.G. Phillips
    Functions of a Complex Variable with Applications
    Oliver and Boyd, 1940.
    E.G. Phillips
    Functions of a Complex Variable with Applications, 2nd Ed.
    Interscience Publications, 1943. 
    E.G. Phillips
    Functions of a Complex Variable with Applications, 7th Ed.
    Oliver and Boyd, 1951. (Reprinted 1954).
    E.G. Phillips
    Functions of a Complex Variable with Applications, 8th Ed.
    Oliver and Boyd, 1957.
    E.C. Titchmarsh
    The Theory of Functions, 2nd ed.
    Oxford Univ. Press, 1939. (Reprinted 1952).  
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    - Functional Analysis and Operator Theory

    H. Amann et al. (Eds.)
    Proceedings of the Conference on Problems in Nonlinear Functional Analysis, Bonn, 1975
    Gesellschaft für Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung, Bonn, 1975. Paperback.*
    S. Banach
    Théorie des opérations linéaires
    Hafner Publ. (undated; reprint of 1932 edition). (11/21) 
    E. Behrends et al. 
    Lp-Structure in Real Banach Spaces
    LNM 613, Springer, 1977.
    F.T. Birtel (Ed.)
    Function Algebras. Proceedings, Tulane Univ., 1965
    Scott, Foresman & Co., 1966.
    F.F. Bonsall
    Lectures on Some Fixed Point Theorems of Functional Analysis
    Tata Inst. of Fundamental Research, Bombay, 1962. Paperback. [Large format, reproduction of typewritten text] 
    F.F. Bonsall and J. Duncan
    Numerical Ranges II
    LMS Lecture Notes 10, Cambridge U.P., 1973. Paperback.
    K.R. Davidson
    Nest Algebras
    Longman, 1988. Paperback. (02/23)
    J. Dixmier
    Les algèbres d'opérateurs dans l'espace Hilbertien (Algèbres de von Neumann), 2nd Ed.
    Gauthier-Villars, Paris, 1969. Paperback.
    J. Dixmier
    Les C*-algèbres et leurs représentations
    Gauthier-Villars, Paris, 1964. Paperback.
    P.A. Fillmore
    Proceedings of a Conference on Operator Theory, Halifax, 1973
    LNM 345, Springer, 1973. Paperback. 
    S. Fitzpatrick and J. Giles (Eds.)
    Workshop/Miniconference on Functional Analysis/Optimization (Canberra, 1988)
    Australian National Univ., 1988. Paperback*
    A. Frölicher and W. Bucher
    Calculus in Vector Spaces without Norm
    LNM 30, Springer, 1966. Paperback. [Ex-lib]
    L. Fuchs
    Riesz Vector Spaces and Riesz Algebras
    Queen's Papers in Pure & Appl. Math., Kingston, Ont., 1966. Paperback. [Large format, reproduction of typewritten text]
    T.W. Gamelin
    Uniform Algebras
    Prentice-Hall, 1969.
    P.R. Halmos
    Introduction to Hilbert Space and the Theory of Spectral Multiplicity, 2nd. Ed.
    Chelsea, New York, 1957.  
    P. Harman, D. Werner, and W. Werner
    M-Ideals in Banach Spaces and Banach Algebras
    Springer, LNM 1547, 1993. Paperback. (02/23)
    E. Hille and R.S. Phillips
    Functional Analysis and Semi-Groups
    Amer. Math. Soc., 1957. 
    L.M. Kelly (Ed.)
    The Geometry of Metric and Linear Spaces. Proceeding, Michigan, 1974.
    LNM 490, Springer, 1975. Paperback. 
    D. Kölzow
    Differentiation von Massen
    LNM 65, Springer, 1968. Paperback.
    Th. Lepage (Ed.)
    Troisième Colloque sur L'Analyse Fonctionelle. Liège, 1970
    Centre Belge de Recherche Scientifique, Vander, Louvain, 1971. Paperback. [Ex-lib]*
    J. Lindenstrauss and L. Tzafriri
    Classical Banach Spaces. Vol I. Sequence Spaces
    Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Undated reproduction of typewritten text. Paperback, large format.
    L.H. Loomis
    The Lattice Theoretic Background of the Dimension Theory of Operator Algebras
    Memoirs of the AMS 18, Amer. Math. Soc., 1955. Paperback.* 
    R.R. Phelps
    Convex Functions, Monotone Operators and Differentiability
    LNM 1364, Springer, 1989. (09/21)
    J. Reinermann
    Über Fixpunkte kontrahierender Abbildungen in uniformen Rämen und
    deren Darstellung durch konvergente Iterationsverfahren [German]
    GMD, Bonn, 1968. Paperback.*
    Reviews in Operator Theory, 1980-86, 4 Vols.
    Introduction by Paul R. Halmos.
    Amer. Math. Soc., 1989. Paperback. [VG]
    C.E. Rickart
    General Theory of Banach Algebras
    Van Nostrand, 1960.
    F. Riesz and B. Sz.-Nagy
    Functional Analysis
    Ungar, New York, 1955. (11/23)
    V.A. Rohlin (Ed.)
    Functional Analysis and Measure Theory
    Amer. Math. Soc., 1962. 
    B.L. Sanders (Ed.)
    A Bibliography of Papers Related to (Schauder) Bases, 1940-1964.
    Texas Christian University, 1964. Paperback.
    L. Schwartz
    Geometry and Probability in Banach Spaces
    LNM 852, Springer, 1981. Paperback. (09/21)
    U. Seip
    Kompakt erzeugte Vektorräume und Analysis
    LNM 273, Springer, 1972. Paperback.
    K. Sundaresan and S. Swaminathan 
    Geometry and Nonlinear Analysis in Banach Spaces
    LNM 1131, Springer, 1985. Paperback. (09/21)
    S. Swaminathan (Ed.)
    Fixed Point Theory and Its Applications. Proceedings, Halifax, 1975
    Academic Press, 1976.
    M. Takesaki
    Tomita's theory of modular Hilbert algebras and its applications
    LNM 128, Springer, 1970. Paperback.
    G.I. Targonski
    Seminar on Functional Operators and Equations
    LNM 33, Springer, 1967. Paperback.
    D.M. Topping
    Jordan Algebras of Self-Adjoint Operators
    Meomoirs of the AMS 53, Amer. Math. Soc. 1965. Paperback.* 
    A. Van Daele
    Continuous Crossed Products and Type III von Neumann Algebras
    LMS Lecture Notes 31, Cambridge U.P., 1978. Paperback.* (11/21)
    L. Waelbroek
    Théorie des algèbres de Banach et des algèbres localement convexes
    Les Presses de l'Université de Montréal, 1965.
    J. Wermer
    Seminar über Funktionen-Algebren
    LNM 1, Springer, 1964. Paperback.*
    Xintai Yu
    Geometric Theory on Banach Spaces [in Chinese]
    East China Normal University Press, 1986. Paperback*
    Junfeng Zhao
    Banach Space Structure Theory [in Chinese]
    Wuhan University Pres, 1991.*
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    - Harmonic Analysis

    H. Carslaw
    Introduction to the Theory of Fourier's Series and Integrals, 3rd revised ed.
    Dover Publications, undated reprint of 1930 edition. Paperback. 
    H.L. Montgomery
    Early Fourier Analysis
    Amer. Math. Soc., 2015. [VG] (02/23)
    P. Nickolas
    Wavelets. A Student Guide
    Cambridge U.P., 2017. Paperback. (02/23)
    T. Olson
    Applied Fourier Analysis. From Signal Processing to Medical Imaging
    Birkhäuser, 2017. [VG] (02/23)
    E. Prestini
    The Evolution of Applied Harmonic Analysis. Models of the Real World
    Birkhäuser, 2003. Paperback. (02/23)
    A. Terras
    Harmonic Analysis on Symmetric Spaces and Applications I
    Springer, 1985. Paperback. [VG] (02/23)
    G.G. Walter
    Wavelets and Other Orthogonal Systems With Applications
    CRC Press, 1994. [VG] (02/23)
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    - Real Analysis (textbooks)

    R.G. Bartle
    The Elements of Real Analysis
    Wiley, 1964. (First corrected printing, 1967). (09/23) 
    C. Blatter
    Analysis III [German]
    Springer, 1974. Paperback.
    C. Clark
    Elementary Mathematical Analysis, 2nd ed.
    Wadsworth Publishing, 1982.  
    J. B. Conway
    A First Course in Analysis
    Cambridge U.P., 2018. [New] (02/23)
    S.A. Douglass
    Introduction to Mathematical Analysis
    Addison-Wesley, 1996.  
    J.A. Fridy
    Introductory Analysis. The Theory of Calculus
    Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1987.  
    E.D. Gaughan
    Introduction to Analysis
    Brooks/Cole, 1968.
    E.D. Gaughan
    Introduction to Analysis, 2nd Ed.
    Brooks/Cole, 1975.
    E.D. Gaughan
    Introduction to Analysis, 3rd Ed.
    Brooks/Cole, 1987. (10/22)
    S.R. Ghorpade and B.V. Limaye
    A Course in Calculus and Real Analysis
    Springer, 2006. [New] (02/23)
    R. Goldberg
    Methods of Real Analysis
    Blaisdell, 1964. 
    O. Hijab
    Introduction to Calculus and Classical Analysis, 2nd Ed.
    Springer, 2007. [New] (02/23)
    S.-T. Hu
    Elements of Real Analysis
    Holden-Day, 1967. (10/22)
    R.L. Jeffery
    The Theory of Functions of a Real Variable, 2nd Ed.
    Univ. of Toronto Press, 1953. (Reprinted 1962). (10/22)
    A.E. Labarre, Jr.
    Elementary Mathematical Analysis
    Addison-Wesley, 1961.
    S. Lang
    Analysis I
    Addison-Wesley, 1968. (03/23)
    J. Lewin and M. Lewin
    An Introduction to Mathematical Analysis
    Random House, 1988.  
    J. Lewin and M. Lewin
    An Introduction to Mathematical Analysis, 2nd Ed.
    McGraw-Hill, 1993. [VG] (10/22) 
    W.R. Parzynski and P.W. Zipse
    Introduction to Mathematical Analysis
    McGraw-Hill, 1982.  
    E.G. Phillips
    A Course of Analysis, 2nd Ed.
    Cambridge U.P., 1939. (Reprinted 1956).[Back cover and spine missing]*
    M.H. Protter and C.B. Morrey, Jr.
    Modern Mathematical Analysis
    Addison-Wesley, 1964.  
    K.A. Ross
    Elementary Analysis. The Theory of Calculus
    Springer, UTM, 1980. [VG]
    M.J. Schramm
    Introduction to Real Analysis
    Prentice-Hall, 1996. [VG] 
    D.A. Sprecher
    Elements of Real Analysis
    Dover, 1987. (Reprint of 1970 edition). Paperback. (10/22)
    M. Stoll
    Introduction to Real Analysis
    Addison-Wesley, 1997. [VG] (10/22)
    J.L. Taylor
    Foundations of Analysis
    Amer. Math. Soc., 2012. [New] (02/23)
    B.S. Thompson, J.B. Bruckner, and A.M. Bruckner
    Elementary Real Analysis
    Prentice-Hall, 2001. [VG] (10/22)
    W.R. Wade
    An Introduction to Analysis, 2nd Ed.
    Prentice Hall, 2000. [VG] (10/22)
    W.M. Zaring
    An Introduction to Analysis
    MacMillan, 1967.
    Ziqing Zhu
    Mathematical Analysis for Engineering I [in Chinese]
    Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press, 1994. Paperback*
    Ziqing Zhu
    Mathematical Analysis for Engineering II [in Chinese]
    Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press, 1994. Paperback*
    Musan Wang and Yadong Zhuang
    Mathematical Analysis I [in Chinese]
    Higher Education Press, 1990. Paperback*
    Yadong Zhuang and Musan Wang
    Mathematical Analysis II [in Chinese]
    Higher Education Press, 1990. Paperback*
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    - Other Analysis

    J. Aczél
    On Applications and Theory of Functional Equations
    Birkhäuser, 1969. Small paperback* (09/22)
    E. Asplund and L. Bungart
    A First Course in Integration
    Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1966. 
    R. Bellman (Ed.)
    A Collection of Modern Classics. Analysis.
    Dover, 1961. Paperback. (09/23)
    Th. Bröcker
    Differential Germs and Catastrophes
    Cambridge Univ. Press, LMS Lecture Notes 17, 1975. Paperback.
    G. Dafni, R.J. McCann, and A. Stancu (Eds.)
    Analysis and Geometry of Metric Measure Spaces. Lecture Notes, Montréal, 2011
    CRM Proceedings & Lect. Notes 56, Amer. Math. Soc., 2013. Paperback. [New]
    F.A. Ficken (Ed.)
    Papers in Analysis. No. 11 of the H.E. Slaught Memorial Papers.
    Vol. 73, No. 4, Part II of the Amer. Math. Monthly, April 1966. Paperback.*
    R.P. Gillespie
    Partial Differentiation
    Oliver & Boyd, 1951. Small hardcover. [Ex-lib]*
    R.P. Gillespie
    Partial Differentiation, 2nd Ed.
    Oliver & Boyd, 1954. Small hardcover.*
    G.E. Hay
    Vector and Tensor Analysis
    Dover Publications, 1953. Paperback.  
    H. Kestelman
    Modern theories of integration
    Dover, 1960. Rebound as hardcover. [Ex-lib]
    H. König
    Arbeiten zur Abstrakten Theorie der analytischen Funktionen
    Self-published collection of 10 papers. Undated; probably around 1970. Paperback.*
    E. Landau
    Grundlagen der Analysis. With a Complete German-English Vocabulary
    Chelsea, 1965. (Reprint of 1930 edition). Paperback. (11/21)
    P. Li
    Geometric Analysis
    Cambridge U.P., 2012. (02/23)
    M. Machover and J. Hirschfeld
    Lectures on Non-Standard Analysis
    LNM 94, Springer, 1969. Thin paperback.*
    M. Manoel et al. (Eds.)
    Real and Complex Singularities
    LMS Lecture Notes 380, Cambridge U.P., 2010. Paperbck. [New]
    G. Pólya and G. Szegö
    Aufgaben und Lehrsätze aus der Analysis, 1. Band, 2. Aufl. [German]
    Grundlehren 19, Springer, Berlin, 1954. [Ex-lib]
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    Applied Mathematics

    See also "Differential Equations" and "Mathematical Physics".

    - Dynamical Systems

    J. Palis, Jr. (Ed.)
    Geometric Dynamics. Proceeding, Rio de Janeiro 1981
    LNM 1007, Springer, 1983. Paperback.
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    - Engineering Mathematics

    More uncatalogued textbooks are available; details upon request.
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    - Information Theory

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    - Other Applied Mathematics

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    Differential Equations

    - Differential Equations, (elementary textbooks)

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    - Partial Differential Equations

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    - Other Topics in DEs

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    Discrete Mathematics

    - Coding Theory & Cryptography

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    W. Trappe and L.C. Washington
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    - Combinatorics

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    - Discrete Mathematics (textbooks)

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    - Graph Theory

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    - Other Discrete Mathematics

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    - Differential Geometry

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    - Elementary Geometry (textbooks)

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    - Other Geometry

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    History, Biography, etc.

    - Biographies

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    - History of Mathematics

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    - General and Popular Mathematics

    See also "Puzzles and Games"
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    - Logic, Set Theory and Foundations

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    Mathematical Physics

    See also "Applied Mathematics".

    - Quantum Mechanics

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    - Relativity and Differential Geometry

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    - Geophysics

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    - Other Mathematical Physics

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    Number Theory

    - Elementary Number Theory (textbooks)

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    - Other Number Theory

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    Numerical Methods, Optimization, and Computer Algebra

    - Approximation Theory

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    - Computer Algebra

    See also "Computer Science"
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    - Numerical Methods

    See also "Computer Science".
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    - Optimization

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    - Statistical Inference

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    - Statistical Software

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    - Time Series

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    - Proceedings and Collections of Papers

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    - Other Statistics

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    Special Functions

    - Special Functions

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    - Tables of Special Functions

    See also "Tables" at the end of this list.
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    - Algebraic Topology

    A. Cavicchioli, F. Hegenbarth
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    Algebraische Topologie. Eine Einführung [German]
    B.G. Teubner, Stuttgart, 1988. Paperback.
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    - Homotopy Theory

    A. Dold
    Halbexakte Homotopiefunktoren [German]
    LNM 12, Springer, Berlin, 1966.
    K. Maruyama and J.W. Rutter (Eds.)
    Groups of Homotopy Self-Equivalences and Related Topic. Proceedings.
    Contemp. Math. 274, Amer. Math. Soc. 2001. Paperback.
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    - Topology (textbooks)

    P. Alexandroff
    Elementary Concepts of Topology
    Dover Publications, 1961. Paperback.
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    Chelsea, New York. [Reprint of 1934 edition].  
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    Introduction to Topology and Modern Analysis
    McGraw-Hill, New York, 1963.  
    G.F. Simmons
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    Scott, Foresman & Co., 1967. Paperback. [Some pages are marked] (11/21)
    C.T.C. Wall
    A Geometric Introduction to Topology
    Addison-Wesley, 1972. 
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    - Other Topology

    M. Atiyah
    Benjamin, 1967. Paperback. [Poor condition]* (11/23) 
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    Topology Seminar Wisconsin, 1965.
    Annals of Math. Studies 60, Princeton Univ. Press, 1966. Paperback.
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    Ch. 1: Structures Topologiques; Ch. 2: Structures uniformes.
    Hermann, 1961. Paperback. (11/23)
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    Ch. 9: Utilisation des nombres réels en topologie générale.
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    Various Other Topics

    - Computer Science

    See also "Computer Algebra" and "Numerical Methods".

    The books below are mainly of historical interest.
    See, however, the book by Kornerup & Matula, and some other more recent ones

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    - Mathematical Education

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    - Problem Solving

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    - General Science

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    - Science Fiction and Futurology

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    - Other Topics

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    Various Other Publications

    - Collected Papers

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    - Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

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    - General Textbooks

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    S. Garfunkel (Project Director)
    For All Practical Purposes. Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics
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    S. Garfunkel (Project Director)
    For All Practical Purposes. Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics, 2nd ed.
    Freeman, New York, 1991.
    S. Garfunkel (Project Director)
    For All Practical Purposes. Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics, 3rd ed.
    Freeman, New York, 1994.
    A. Geary, H.V. Lowry, and H.A. Hayden
    Mathematics for Technical Students, Part III
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    S. Gudder
    A Mathematical Journey, 2nd. Ed.
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    H.S. Hall and S.R. Knight
    Elementary Algebra for Schools. With Ansers. 7th Ed.
    A. & W. Mac Kinlay, Halifax, and Macmillan & Co., London, 1897. [Poor condition] ($1.-) (10/21)  
    G.H. Hardy
    A Course of Pure Mathematics, 9th Ed.
    Cambridge U.P., 1944. (Reprinted 1948). [Ex-lib] 
    S.-T. Hu
    Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics
    Holden-Day, 1966.
    D.B. Johnson and T.A. Mowry
    Mathematics. A Practical Odyssee
    Wadsworth, 1992. [Large sticker on front cover] (09/22)
    G.W. Kelly
    Short-Cut Math
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    W.T. Kennedy and P. O'Hearn
    Common School Arithmetic, Part 1
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    P. Lancaster
    Mathematics. Models of the Real World
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    H.L. Mann
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    B.E. Meserve and M.A. Sobel
    Introduction to Mathematics
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    N. Miller and R.E.K. Rourke
    An Advanced Course in Algebra, Revised Ed.
    Macmillan Canada, 1940.
    E. Pascal
    Repetitorium der höheren Mathematik. 2. Aufl., 1. Bd., Analysis, 2. Teilband
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    M Peters
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    P.A. Petrie et al.
    Algebra. A Senior Course
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    M. Richardson
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    A Treatise on Algebra, 5th Ed.
    Macmillan, London, 1896 (Reprinted 1920). [Front cover loose, back cover and spine missing] $2.- 
    K.J. Smith
    The Nature of Modern Mathematics, 10th Ed.
    Thomson Brooks/Cole, 2004. [VG] (09/22)
    E.P. Vance
    An Introduction to Modern Mathematics, 2nd Ed.
    Addison-Wesley, 1968.
    E.P. Vance
    Trigonometry, 2nd Ed.
    Addison-Wesley, 1969. Paperback.
    M. Ward and C.E. Hardgrove
    Modern Elementary Mathematics
    Addison-Wesley, 1964.
    J. W. A. Young (Ed.)
    Monographs on Topics of Modern Mathematics
    Dover, 1955. Paperback.
    No authors:
    A Key Containing the Statements and Solutions of Questions 
    in Davies' Elementary Algebra; for the Use of Teachers Only
    A.S. Barnes & Co., New York. 1858. [Covers loose and stained; spine missing] ($2.-)
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    - General Proceedings

    More proceedings can be found under various subject headings.
    C.B. Allendoerfer et al. (Eds.)
    Fiftieth Anniversary Issues. MAA Conference, Cornell Univ., 1965.
    Amer. Math. Monthly, Jan. 1967, Part II. Paperback.*
    P.C. Baayen et al. (Eds.)
    Proceedings, Bicentennial Congress, Wiskundig Genootschap, Part II
    Mathematisch Centrum, 1979. Paperback. (09/23)
    F. Bingen et al. (Eds.)
    Seminaire sure les algebres de Banach
    Univ. Libre de Bruxelles, 1962-63. Paperback.
    F.E. Browder (Ed.)
    Mathematical Developments Arising from Hilbert Problems, Part 1
    Amer. Math. Soc., 1976. Paperback.
    F.E. Browder (Ed.)
    Mathematical Developments Arising from Hilbert Problems, Part 2
    Amer. Math. Soc., 1976. Paperback.
    Computational Geometry
    Proceedings of the 4th Annual Symposium, Urbana-Champaign, IL, 1988
    ACM Press, 1988. Paperback. 
    Computational Geometry
    Proceedings of the 5th Annual Symposium, Saarbrücken, Germany, 1989
    ACM Press, 1989. Paperback. 
    Computational Geometry
    Proceedings of the 6th Annual Symposium, Berkeley, CA, 1990
    ACM Press, 1990. Paperback. 
    Computational Geometry
    Proceedings of the 7th Annual Symposium, North Conway, NH, 1991
    ACM Press, 1991. Paperback. 
    H. Crapo and G. Roulet (Eds.)
    Möbius Algebras. Proceedings, Waterloo, 1971.
    University of Waterloo, 1971. Paperback. Spiral-bound.*
    N. Dinculeanu et al.
    Proceedings of the Symposium in Analysis, Queen's University, June, 1967
    Queen's Papers in Pure & Appl. Math. 10, Kingston, ON, 1967. Paperback.
    V. Drensky et al. (Eds.)
    Proceedings of the International Workshop "Polynomial Identities in Algebras. II", St. John's, NL, 2011
    Serdica Math. Journal, Vol. 38, No. 1-3, 2012. Paperback
    L.K. Durst (Ed.)
    CUPM Geometry Conference. Proceeding, Part III: Geometric Transformation Groups and Other Topics
    Lectures by H.S.M. Coxeter and Others
    Math. Assoc. of America, 1968. Paperback.
    P. Fillmore (Ed.)
    Canadian Mathematical Society 1945-1995. Vol. 1: Mathematics in Canada
    Canad. Math. Soc., 1995. [VG]
    V. Dlab, G. Duff, and J. Fournier (Eds.)
    Canadian Mathematical Society 1945-1995. Vol. 2: Selecta
    Canad. Math. Soc., 1995. [VG]
    J.B. Carrell and R. Murty (Eds.)
    Canadian Mathematical Society 1945-1995. Vol. 3: Invited Papers
    Canad. Math. Soc., 1995. [VG]
    Mathematical Methods. Proceedings, Chiang Mai 1988 (2 Volumes)
    Chiang Mai Univ., Thailand, 1988. Paperback.
    J.W. Gray and H. Schubert (Eds.)
    Tagungsbericht: Kategorien
    Oberwolfach, 1977. Paperback*
    L. Mirsky (Ed.)
    Studies in Pure Mathematics. Papers in Combinatorial Theory, Analysis, Geometry, Algebra and the Theory of Numbers 
    Presented to Richard Rado on the occasion of his 65th birthday
    Academic Press, 1971.
    C.C. Moore (Ed.)
    Group Representations, Ergodic Theory, Operator Algebras, and Mathematical Physi
    Proceedings of a Conference in Honor of George W. Mackey
    Springer, MSRI Publications 6, 1987. (11/21)
    Papers from the Summer Gathering on Function Algebras, Aarhus, July 1969
    Aarhus Universitet, August 1969. Paperback.
    Proceedings of the Functional Analysis Week, March 3rd-7th, 1969
    Aarhus Universitet, June 1969. Paperback.
    Proceedings of the Seminar on Random Series, Convex Sets and Geometry of Banach Spaces
    Aarhus, Oct. 14-20, 1974.
    Aarhus Universitet, April, 1975. Paperback. (09/21)
    Proceedings of the Symposium in Analysis
    Queen's University, June, 1967
    Queen's Papers in Pure & Appl. Math. 10, Kingston, Ont., 1967. Paperback.*
    A. Sobczyk (Ed.)
    Conference on Projections and Related Topics. Proceedings, Clemson, SC, 1967
    Clemson University, 1968. Paperback. Spiral-bound.*
    T. Soundararajan (Convenor)
    Trends in Algebra and Topology. Proceedings, Madurai 1992
    Madurai Kamaraj University, 1992. (09/21)
    R. Turner (Ed.)
    The Blundon Lectures, 1982-1997.
    APICS, Canada, 1997. Paperback. Spiral-bound.*
    M.T. Wasan
    Mathematical Aspects of Life Sciences
    Queen's Papers in Pure & Appl. Math. 26, Kingston, Ont., 1971. Paperback.
    E.R. Williams (Ed.)
    The APICS Blundon Mathematics Lectures 1982-1987.
    APICS, Canada, 1988. Paperback.*
    French Seminars
    Séminaire N. Bourbaki, 24e année, 1971/72, Exposés no. 412-417
    Juin 1972. Paperback.*
    Séminaire Henri Cartan, 2e année: 1949/1950. 
    Espaces fibrées et homotopie. 2e édition
    Ecole Normale Supérieure, 1956. Paperback.*
    Séminaire Henri Cartan et C. Chevalley, 8e année: 1955/1956. 
    Géometrie algébrique. 
    Ecole Normale Supérieure, 1956. Paperback.*
    Séminaire "Sophus Lie", 1e année: 1954/55.
    Théorie des Algèbres de Lie. Topologie des groupes de Lie
    Ecole Normale Supérieure, 1955. Paperback.*
    Séminaire de Topologie Combinatoire et Différentielle
    de l'Insitut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques (most papers by B. Mazur)
    1962/1963. Paperback.*
    International Congresses of Mathematicians
    Edinburgh, 1958
    Abstracts of Short Communications and Scientific Programm
    Vancouver, 1974.
    Proceedings, 2 Volumes
    Warsaw, 1983.
    Proceedings, Vol. 1
    Berkeley, 1986.
    Proceedings, Vol. 1
    Kyoto, 1990.
    Proceedings, 2 Volumes
    Beijing, 2002.
    Proceedings, Vol. II and III;
    Abstracts of Short Communications and Poster Sessions.
    Madrid, 2006
    Abstracts: Plenary Lectures, Invited Lectures; Special Activities. [Paperback]*
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    - Journals

    Various multi-year runs of the following journals are available.
    If interested, please write for further details. More journal titles will be added soon.
    American Mathematical Monthly
    K.O. May
    Index of the American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 1-80 (1894-1973)
    Math. Assoc. of America, 1977. 
    Canadian Journal of Mathematics
    Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
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    - Lecture Notes

    Most volumes below are in large format (typically 8 1/2 x 11 in.), reproduced from typewritten text, and have soft covers, sometimes spiral-bound.
    $5 per volume, unless very small.
    M.S. Aldenderfer and R.K. Blashfield
    Cluster Analysis
    Sage Publications, 1984.* (10/22)
    J. Berkowitz
    An Outline of the Theory of Functions of a Real Variable. (Notes by Karen Frederick)
    New York University, 1956/7. [Ex-lib]
    G. Bachman and L. Narici [likely authors]
    Functional Analysis [likely title]
    (No date or place, probably a book manuscript), 464 pages.
    Garrett Birkhoff
    Lattice Theory
    Harvard University, 1963. [Covers missing]
    F.F. Bonsall
    Lectures on Some Fixed Point Theorems of Functional Analysis
    Tata Instituate of Fundamental Research, Bombay, 1962. (09/21)
    V. Borchsenius
    Teorien for Grupper og Grupperepresentationer
    Aarhus Universitet, 1976. (09/21)
    A. Borel (Notes by E. Halpern)
    Topics on the Homology Theory of Fibre Bundles 
    Univ. of Chicago, 1954. (Published as Springer LNM 36, 1967).
    J.H. Bray and S.E. Maxwell
    Multivariate Analysis of Variance
    Sage Publications, 1990. (10/22)
    R. Courant 
    Calculus of Variations (with supplementary notes and exercises)
    Courant Institute, 1945-1946. Revised and amended by J. Moser, 1962.
    A.M. Davie
    Algebras of Analytic Functions on Plane Sets
    Aarhus Universitet, December 1970.
    R. deBoer
    Geometry of Electromagnetism
    Halifax, N.S., 1977.
    C.H. Dowker
    Lectures on Sheaf Theory (Notes by S.V. Adavi and N. Ramabhadran)
    Tata Institute, Bombay, 1957. (Reissued 1962).
    J.J. Duistermaat
    Fourier Integral Operators
    Courant Inst. of Math. Sciences, 1973.
    Johan Dupont
    Aarhus Universitet, Fall 1968.
    R.E. Edwards
    Harmonic Analysis on Compact Groups
    (Undated, no place of publ.)
    E. Effros
    Notes on AF C* Algebras
    (Undated, no place of publ.). Likely early 1980s.
    C. Fenske
    Leray-Schauder Theroe für eine Klasse differenzierbarer Abbildungen in Banachräumen
    GMD, Bonn, 1971. Small paperback*
    N.J. Fine, L. Gillman, and J. Lambek
    Rings of Quotients of Rings of Functions
    McGill University Press, Montreal, 1965.
    T. Ganea
    Homotopie et Fibration (Rédigé par D. Barlet et C. Bidard)
    (I.H.P. 1967-1968). ENS, Paris, 1970.
    A. Gleit
    Stochastic Linear Programming
    Lecture Notes Series No. 49, Aarhus Universitet, 1977.
    G.H. Golub and C.F. Van Loan
    Matrix Computations
    Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, 1982.  
    A. Grothendieck and J.L. Verdier
    Préfaisceaux [and other chapters]
    (No place or date given; probably late 1960s). 3 volumes.
    A. Guichardet
    Algèbres d'observables associées aux relations de commutation
    (No place or date given; probably late 1960s).
    A. Guichardet
    Prduits tensoriels infinis et representations des relations d'anticommutations
    (No place or date given; probably late 1960s).
    R. Guitart
    Rlations - Fermetures - Continuités
    Esquisses Mathématiques, Paris, 1970.
    S. Helgason
    Harmonic Analysis on Homogeneous Spaces. An Elementary Introduction
    (No place or date given; probably early 1980s).
    I.N. Herstein
    Theory of Rings
    University of Chicago, Spring, 1961. 
    M. Hilsum and G. Skandalis
    Stabilité des C*-Algèbres de feuilletages
    Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie (undated). [Front cover missing]*
    P. Hoffman
    Logic for the Mathematical
    University of Waterloo, Winter 2003.
    G.R. Iverson and H. Norpoth
    Analysis of Variance. 2nd Ed.
    Sage Publications, 1990.* (10/22)
    L. Janos
    Theory of Group Representations
    Dalhousie University, 1965-1966.  
    I. Kaplansky
    Notes on Ring Theory (Notes by Kenneth Hofman)
    University of Chicago, 1965.
    I. Kaplansky
    Rings of Operators (Notes by S. Berberian)
    University of Chicago, 1955.
    M. Karoubi
    Fondements de la K. Théorie, Fascicule I
    Faculté des Sciences d'Alger, 1966-67.
    M. Karoubi
    Fondements de la K. Théorie, Fascicule II
    Faculté des Sciences d'Alger, 1965-66.
    M. Karoubi
    Fondements de la K. Théorie, Fascicule III
    Faculté des Sciences d'Alger, 1966-67.
    M. Karoubi
    Fondements de la K. Théorie, Fascicule IV
    Faculté des Sciences d'Alger, 1966-67.
    Y. Katznelson
    Introduction to Harmonic Analysis
    Stanford University, 1965. 
    M. Kervaire
    Le Groupe de Whitehead (Rédigé par J.M. Arnaudies)
    Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, 1966.
    J.-O. Kim and C.W. Mueller
    Introduction to Factor Analysis. What It Is and How To Do It
    Sage Publications, 1990.* (10/22)
    W.R. Klecka
    Discriminant Analysis
    Sage Publications, 1990.* (10/22)
    V. Klee
    A Class of Linear Programming Problems Requiring a Large Number of Iterations
    Boeing Scientific Research Laboratories, November 1964.
    S. Kleene
    Sets, Logic, and Mathematical Foundations
    A Summer Institute for Teachers of Secondary and College Mathematics. Notes by H.W. Oliver
    Williams College, 1956.
    A. Kock and G.C. Wraith
    Elementary toposes
    Aarhus Univ. Lecture Notes Series No. 30, 1971.
    G.F. Koster
    Notes on Group Theory
    Solid-State and Molecular Theory Group, M.I.T., 1956.
    H. Kuki
    Mathematical Functions. A Description of the Center's 7094 Mathematical Function Library.
    Univ. of Chicago Computation Center, 1966. (09/23)
    J. Lambek
    From Types to Sets. Preliminary Version
    McGill University, Montreal, 1974.
    J. Lindenstrauss
    Some Aspects of the Theory of Banach Spaces
    Univ. of Massachusetts, 1968-69. (Photocopied notes in binder)
    A. Liulevicius
    Operacoes de cohomologia e aplicacoes (Notas redigidas por R.A. Piccinini)
    Universidad de Sao Paulo, 1969.
    G.W. Mackey
    Group Representations
    Probably book manuscript; partly hand-written, but mostly typed.
    (No place or date).
    S. Mac Lane
    Axiomatic Set Theory (Notes prepared by M. Schacher and R. Shaker)
    University of Chicago, 1964.
    S. Mac Lane
    Categorical Algebra
    NSF Advances Science Seminar, Bowdoin College, Summer 1969.
    S. Mac Lane
    Geometrical Mechanics, Part I and II (Notes by R. Zahler et al.)
    University of Chicago, 1968.
    I.A. MacLennan
    Symbolic Logic. Volume 1
    Dalhousie University, 1973.
    M. Makkai
    First Order Logic, 2nd Ed.
    Notes for Math 489, McGill University, Montreal, 1979. 
    E.G. Manes
    Relational Models I
    Dalhousie University, May 1970.
    J. Mather
    Notes on Topological Stability
    Harvard University, July 1970.
    N. Minorsky
    Introduction to Non-Linear Mechanics. Part I. Topological Methods of Non-Linear Mechanics
    U.S. Navy, David W. Taylor Model Basin, Dec. 1944.
    R. Murty
    Topics in Number Theory
    C.I.C.M.A., Montreal, 1993. (09/21)
    H.K. Nickerson, D.C. Spencer, and N.E. Steenrod
    Advanced Calculus
    Princeton Univ. and Van Nostrand, 1959.
    N.J. Nielsen
    On Banach Ideals Determined by Banach Lattices and Their Applications
    Aarhus Universitet, May 1973.
    Z. Opial
    Nonexpansive and Monotone Mappings in Banach Spaces
    Brown University, 1967. (09/21)
    R.R. Phelps
    Convex Functions, Monotone Operators and DIfferentiability
    University of Washington, 1988. (09/21)
    M. Rogalski
    Opérateurs de Lion, projecteurs boréliens, et simplexes analytiques
    Publications Mathématiques d'Orsay, 1967-68.
    I.V. Schensted
    A Short Course on the Application of Group Theory to Quantum Mechanics
    Neo Press, Ann Arbor, MI, 1966. (09/22)
    L.D. Schroeder, D.L. Sjoquist, and P.E. Stephan
    Understanding Regression Analysis. An Introductory Guide
    Sage Publication, 1989.* (10/22)
    L. Schwartz
    Lectures on Complex Analytic Manifolds
    Tata Institute, Bombay, 1955. (Reissued 1963).
    Henrik L. Selberg
    Universitetets Studentkontor (no date or place - probably 1950s)
    B. Sims
    Abstract and Functional Analysis
    The University of New England, Armidale, NSW, 1984.
    B. Sims
    Fundaments of the Geometric Theory of Banach Spaces
    The University of New England, Armidale, NSW, 1979. (09/21)
    S. Smale
    Differentiable Dynamical Systems I
    (No place or date; probably late 1960s).
    W.R. Smith (Ed.)
    A Short Course in Statistical Mechanics
    Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S., 1976. (Spiral-bound).
    W.R. Smith and W.R.S. Sutherland (Eds.)
    A Short Course in Optimization
    Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S., 1976. (Spiral-bound).
    K. Sundaresan and S. Swaminathan
    Geometry and Nonlinear Analysis in Banach Spaces
    (Lectures at Texas A&M Univ.) August, 1981.
    S. Swaminathan and R. Venkataraman
    Lectures on Group Theory
    Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Madras, 1962. (09/21)
    R.E. Tarjan
    An Efficient Planarity Algorithm
    Stanford University, 1971.
    D. van Dulst
    The Geometry of Banach Spaces with the Radon-Nikodým Property
    J.M. Vallin
    C*-algèbres de Hopf spatiales -- C*-algèbres de Katz
    (No place of publication). Undated; probably early 1970s.
    V.S. Varadarajan
    Global Theory of Representations of Locally Compact Groups
    New York University. Courant Institute, 1961-1962.
    R.F.C. Walters
    Category Theory. Lecture 1983-1985
    University of Sydney, 1988. (Reproduction of handwritten notes)
    R.F.C. Walters
    Categories, Logic, and Computer Science
    University of Sydney, 1989. (Reproduction of handwritten notes)
    H. Wielandt
    Permutation Groups. Lectures at the University of Tübingen 1954/5
    California Inst. of Technology.
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    - Schaum's Outlines

    Listed alphabetically by title. All paperbacks. Some titles are available in different printings (details upong request).
    $5 per volume, unless in poor condition.
    Advanced Calculus
    by M.R. Spiegel
    Calculus, 2nd Ed.,
    by F. Ayers, Jr.
    College Chemistry, 4th Ed.
    by D. Schaum
    1958 (Reprinted 1964).
    College Physics, 6th Ed.
    by D. Schaum and C.W. van der Merwe
    1961. (Reprinted 1965). 
    College Physics, 6th Ed.
    by D. Schaum and C.W. van der Merwe
    1961. (Reprinted 1968).
    Computer Science
    by F. Scheid
    Computers and Programming
    by F. Scheid
    Differential Equations
    by F. Ayers, Jr.
    Differential Equations
    by F. Ayers, Jr.
    1952. (Later printing).
    Digital Principles, 2nd Ed.
    by R.L. Tokheim
    Electric Circuits
    by J.A. Edminister
    Engineering Mechanics
    by W.G. McLean and E.W. Nelson
    Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics, 2nd Ed.
    by R.V. Giles
    by W.D. Stansfield
    Genetics, 3rd Ed.
    by W.D. Stansfield
    1991. (04/22)
    Linear Algebra
    by S. Lipschutz
    Linear Algebra, SI (metric) edition
    by S. Lipschutz
    Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables
    by M.R. Spiegel
    by F. Ayres, Jr.
    Microeconomic Theory, 2nd Ed.
    by D. Salvatore
    Programming with BASIC
    by B.S. Gottfried
    Programming with Structured COBOL
    by L.R. Newcomer
    Quantitative Methods in Management
    by J.E. Ullmann
    Set Theory and Related Topics
    by S. Lipschutz
    by M.R. Spiegel
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    - Bibliographies and Review Volumes

    M.G. Kendall and A.G. Doig 
    Bibliography of Statistical Literature, 1940-1949.
    Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh, 1965.
    M.G. Kendall and A.G. Doig 
    Bibliography of Statistical Literature, 1950-1958.
    Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh, 1962.
    B.L. Sanders (Ed.)
    A Bibliography of Papers Related to (Schauder) Bases, 1940-1964.
    Texas Christian University, 1964. Paperback.
    All review volumes below were published by the Amer. Math. Society, all in paperback (unless otherwise notes), and all in very good condition.
    Reviews of Papers in Algebraic and Differential Topology, Topological Groups, and Homological Algebra, 1940-1967, 2 Vols.
    Classified by N.E. Steenrod
    2 large hardcover volumes. [Ex-lib]
    Reviews of Papers in Algebraic and Differential Topology, Topological Groups, and Homological Algebra, 1940-1967, 2 Vols.
    Classified by N.E. Steenrod
    2 large softcover reprints.
    Reviews on Finite Groups, 1940-1970
    Ed. by D. Gorenstein
    Reviews in Global Analysis, 1980-86, 5 Vols.
    Introduction by A. Tromba.
    Reviews in Graph Theory, 1940-1978, 4 Vols.
    Ed. by William G. Brown.
    Reviews on Infinite Groups, 1940-1970, 2 Vols.
    Classified by G. Baumslag.
    Reviews in K-Theory, 1940-84
    Ed. by Bruce A. Magurn.
    Reviews in Numerical Analysis, 1980-86, 5 Vols.
    Introduction by Gene Golub.
    Reviews in Operator Theory, 1980-86, 4 Vols.
    Introduction by Paul R. Halmos.
    Reviews in Partial Differential Equations, 1980-86, 5 Vols.
    Introduction by Murray H. Protter.
    Reviews in Ring Theory, 1940-1979, 2 Vols.
    Ed. by Lance W. Small.
    Reviews in Ring Theory, 1980-84
    Introduction by Lance W. Small.
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    - Tables

    See also "Tables of Special Functions".
    W.C. Brenke
    Elements of Trigonometry With Tables
    The Century Co., New York, 1917. (Reprinted, 1919).
    CRC Abridged Mathematical Tables, 13th Ed.
    (S.M. Selby, Ed.)
    The Chemical Rubber Co., 1966.
    CRC Handbook of Tables for Mathematics, 4th Ed.
    (S.M. Selby, Ed.)
    The Chemical Rubber Co., 1970. [[Ex-lib]
    CRC Standard Mathematical Tables, 16th Ed.
    (S.M. Selby, Ed.)
    The Chemical Rubber Co., 1968.
    CRC Standard Mathematical Tables, 19th Ed.
    (S.M. Selby, Ed.)
    The Chemical Rubber Co., 1971.
    J.M. Davenport (Managing Editor)
    Selected Tables in Mathematical Statistics, 3 Volumes
    Amer. Math. Soc., 1975.
    H.B. Dwight
    Tables of Integrals and other Mathematical Data. 4th Ed.
    The Macmillan Co., 1961. (09/22)
    I.S. Gradshteyn and I.M. Ryzhik
    Table of Integrals, Series, and Product, 4th Ed.
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    $5 per volume, unless very small.
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