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Unless otherwise specified, the courses are taught at Dalhousie University. If I led a tutorial section or marked a course, that course will be listed here. Only the first year courses (MATH 1xxx) and selected second-year courses (MATH 2xxx) have tutorials. Any upper-division courses (MATH 3xxx and 4xxx) have marking duties only.

Regarding the course number at the University of Waterloo:
  1. MATH 1xx~2xx are lower-division courses offered by the Faculty of Mathematics.
  2. PMATH 3xx~4xx are upper-division courses geared toward pure mathematics majors.
  3. PMATH 4xx courses are cross-listed with the PMATH 6xx counterpart.
  4. MATH 6xx denote the courses intended for students enrolled in the Master of Mathematics for Teachers program.
  5. PMATH 7xx courses are graduate-level pure mathematics courses.
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Dalhousie University

Nova Scotia Math Circles

  • Fall 2019 ~ Summer 2022: Regular Presenter/Content Developer

Learning Centre

  • Fall 2018 ~ : See here for my current hours.

Upper division courses

  • MATH 3031 (Abstract Algebra I): Fall 2020 (Ross)
  • MATH 3070 (Number Theory): Fall 2022 (Chern)
  • MATH 4116/CSCI 4116 (Cryptography): Winter 2020 (Selinger)

Lower division courses

  • MATH 1000 (Differential & Integral Calculus I): Fall 2019 (Noble)
  • MATH 1010 (Differential & Integral Calculus II): Winter 2021 (Surovell)
  • MATH 1215 (Calculus for Life Sciences): Fall 2018 (Chisholm)
  • MATH 1280 (Engineering Mathematics I): Fall 2022 (Yao)
  • MATH 1290 (Engineering Mathematics II): Winter 2020 (Yao)
  • MATH 2040 (Linear Algebra II): Summer 2020 (Turchetti)
  • MATH 2051 (Problems in Geometry): Winter 2023 (Pronk)
  • MATH 2110 (Logic and Set Theory): Fall 2022 (Selinger)
  • MATH 2113 (Discrete Structures – Continuation of MATH 2110/2112): Winter 2023 (Vooys)
  • MATH 2135 (Linear Algebra – More theoretical/conceptual variant of MATH 2040): Winter 2023 (Smirnov)

University of Waterloo (2014~2017)

University of California, Los Angeles (2012~2013)

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