Course Notes

I will upload (and update) the course notes that I have taken so far. Feel free to contact me if you discover any error or typos.

Any courses having the PMATH or the QIC heading were taken at the University of Waterloo; any courses having the MATH heading ﹣ unless otherwise specified ﹣ were taken at Dalhousie University. Any courses having the AARMS heading were offered by AARMS Summer School 2019, whick took place at the University of Prince Edward Island.

If you are specifically interested in materials relevant to Dalhousie's comprehensive exams, click here to access the solutions to some past comprehensive exams, and the notes covering the comprehensive exam syllabi (number theory and algebra only).

Number theory courses

Topics courses

Other number theory courses

For Dalhousie non-specialist comprehensive exams

Other courses taken

Current Courses (Fall 2019 onward)

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Last modified on 26 July 2019